Cdlf Gentle Vertical Multistage Pump Structure Diagram

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It adopts a vertical, segmented construction and a non-self-priming vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump with a normal motor. It may transport all sorts of water from faucet water to industrial liquids. Completely different media are suitable for different temperature, flow and pressure ranges, and likewise appropriate for transporting mildly corrosive liquids.

cdlf mild vertical multistage pump

cdlf vertical light multi-stage centrifugal pump motor shaft and pump shaft are straight connected with a coupling. The tie rod is used to attach the outer cylinder with a nut. The circulation half is fastened between the bracket and the water inlet and outlet. . The suction port and discharge port of the pump are designed to form a line at the bottom, and the most effective hydraulic model is adopted. The pump inlet and outlet are on the same straight line at the underside of the pump. The outer cylinder of the vertical stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pump is fabricated from stainless steel and has a stupendous appearance. The axial power of the pump is solved by a hydraulic steadiness technique, and the residual axial pressure is borne by a ball bearing, so it runs smoothly, with low noise, small footprint, and handy decoration. It is particularly appropriate for the parallel use of multiple pumps in high-rise buildings to reduce the power of a single pump unit and simplify the electronic control equipment. It is suitable for fireplace fighting, domestic water provide, air conditioning unit circulation, cooling water delivery, and many others. of high- and low-rise buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, lodges, department shops, office buildings, and so forth.

The structure diagram of cdlf vertical mild multistage centrifugal pump is as follows:

CDLF2, four light vertical multistage pump construction diagram

CDLF8, 12, 16, 20 vertical light multi-stage pump structure diagram

CDLF32, 45, 64, 90 light vertical multistage centrifugal pump structure diagram

CDLF120, a hundred and fifty vertical mild multistage centrifugal pump structure diagram

1. The use of excellent hydraulic fashions and superior manufacturing expertise vastly improves the efficiency and service life of the pump.

2. As a result of the shaft seal adopts mechanical seal made from onerous alloy and fluororubber, it could possibly enhance the reliability of pump operation and the temperature of the conveying medium.

3. The overflow part of the pump is stamped and welded by stainless steel plates, making the pump suitable for mildly corrosive media.

4. The general structure is compact, small in size, gentle in weight, low in noise, significant in energy saving, and handy for maintenance.

5. The water inlet and outlet of the pump are located on the same horizontal line of the pump seat, which will be directly used within the pipeline.

6. Using normal motors, customers can simply equip the motors in response to their needs.

7. Clever protectors may be outfitted according to user needs to successfully protect the pump from dry running, phase loss, and overload.